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Changing the closed date of an opportunity

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Changing the closed date of an opportunity



I am having a difficult time with correcting the closed dates in the opportunities. The date is automatically inserted with the date when the closed-won or closed-lost status has been changed. Unfortunately, the date I change the status is not the correct date the company committed to buy our product. I need to change the closed date to the actual date a contract was signed (commitment to buy) to give an accurate snap shot of our business revenues.


Can anyone help me resolve this issue?

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Re: Changing the closed date of an opportunity

It would seem that you have a couple of options...


If you must have the closed date equal to the contract date, don't close the opportunity until you know what the contract date is.  At the time that you click the status to 'Closed - Won', you are able to change the 'Close Date' field to any date you want and it will stick.


Another option is to ignore using the close date field being that you aren't really tracking the close date anyway, but the contract date, and customize one of the opportunity user fields and put the Contract date in there.  That said, you still will not be able to click 'Closed - Won' until you enter your data.  Closing and re-opening the status of an opportunity messes around with more than just the close date field...