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Changing record manager does have have intended results

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Changing record manager does have have intended results

Hello, we run ACT 10.0.3, our salespeople rarely come into office so we have them setup on laptops with a VPN connection back to head office, we use ACT Network Sync to keep their data (and ours) up to date.


Each user has their own sync set, the sync set is defined by the record manager, ie Joe Smith is a user in the database, he gets an RDB whose sync set says where CONTACT record manager is equal to Joe Smith.


Recently we had a bunch of account changes, so i created a group called Transfer to Jim Bob, and instructed Joe Smith to put all the contacts Jim Bob would need into that group.


Then on the server, I created a lookup based on the group Transfer to Jim Bob and went to edit -> replace fields, and changed Record Manager to Jim Bob.


Now several sync's later, Joe Smith is still complaining that he sees all of these contacts, and sure enough if I walk him through sync'ing data (he has done it several times he says, and i can see it happen in sync log), and walk him through customizing columns in contact list view, he can see the record manager of those records is Jim Bob.


Is the best bet to recreate his sync set?  Or is there another reason for why this might be happening?




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Re: Changing record manager does have have intended results

Try manually editing the Subscription List for that remote from the Synchronization Panel and the syncing.  If that fails, then you will need to create a new sync and new remote for "Joe Smith".

Greig Hollister

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