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Change the TCP/IP port

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Change the TCP/IP port

Hope you can help.

We have a customer that wants to use the Windows7 Remote Access (VPN type of connection) to allow their ACT! users to connect to the ACT! database from home. They have port 1433 and 1434 open but they cannot access the ACT! database with these settings.

ACT! uses port 49290 to access the ACT7 instance, this port is blocked in the customers firewall and they want to keep it that way. Their question is can they change the port 49290, the current default, to port 1433 of another port of their choice to access the ACT7 instance and ACT database?

If so how to do this, just enter the new port? And what, if any, are the consequences for the users that access the ACT! database over the network when this default port is changed?

What they would like to achieve is 1 (one) static port to make connection to the ACT7 instance, preferably port 1433.




Peter Pennings


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Re: Change the TCP/IP port

They should be able to change the TCP port using the SQL Configuration Manager. They would need to restart the SQL Server after making the change. Ports 1433 (TCP) and 1434 (UDP) are the default ports for SQL.

Greig Hollister

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