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Change format to Initial Caps

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Change format to Initial Caps

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When our database was set up, most fields were created as character. I would like to change some of the fields to initial cap, but I get a warning that the change could create a loss of data & cannot be undone..Then the following fields would be reset: Default Value, Field Format, Use Drop Down List (do I want to continue).....Well, yikes, that message scares me so  I won't do anything. Is there a another way, or safe way to test the change? (besides making a copy of the database?)


Thanks, Judy

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Re: Change format to Initial Caps

Since the change would be 'live' in your database and there isn't an 'undo' button, the best option for testing the change would be to create a copy of the database and apply the change to the copy.  Of course you could make a backup of the database, apply the change, and then restore the backup if the results weren't as expected - but I prefer using a copy of the database to test. 

Greg Martin