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Change default Lookup/Keyword search behavior for Web?

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Change default Lookup/Keyword search behavior for Web?

AFPW 11.0.1.


By default the persistent Lookup/Keyword combo in the left margin is set to lookup Contact, and based on its behavior it appears to search for "Starts with" using the keyword I enter.


I nearly always search by last name, so I'd like to _either_ change the drop-menu default to "Last Name" _or_ change the query behavior to "Contains" instead of "starts with".


I'd either like to edit the system settings to make this the global default, _or_ find some way to make my changes persistent.


For example, if I change Contact to Last Name and run a query, the results are returned, but the drop-menu goes back to Contact. 

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Re: Change default Lookup/Keyword search behavior for Web?

I have the same problem.  The only way to do the custom lookup as you mention is to use the Advanced Query option, which sounds like you already know this based on the verbage you are using.  I found a web site that has an awesome lookup tool you are describing. The only problem is that it only works on the machine that Act is physically installed on.  I have been searching for about a year for this solution and thought I was the only one aggravated with this problem.