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Cannot sync local desktop to web database.

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Cannot sync local desktop to web database.

We're subscribed to the web version (v19 Premium) and running Premium on the desktop (Windows 10). We have a requirement internally to make sure we have a current copy of the database on our network for the sake of business continuity and the value of the contact data itself.


I've been going back and forth with Act support, one email every day or three, and they're not being helpful or I'm failing to explain the problem, or both.


I followed the instructions to the letter in these two KB articles: KB 37894 & KB 37923


I'm able to pack up a copy of the database and download it and then restore/open it, but when I got to "sync now" I get an error message as shown below. Support keeps telling me to make sure incoming sync is enabled on the database, but that is not an option with the web version. What am I doing wrong and how can I quickly get this frustrating issue behind me? It seems like it's harder than it needs to be.



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Re: Cannot sync local desktop to web database.

Hi chager,

Just to confirm, are you are running Act! Premium Web on a server in your network which is serving up the web interface which you can access in a browser, or are you subscribed to Act! Premium Cloud, where we are hosting your database and web interface for you?

If you are in the first scenario, then your requirement for having a current copy of the database on the network should be covered by the database residing on the server. If you still need a local database on your individual machine, then a remote database can be used, but the "accept incoming sync" feature needs to be enabled on the server hosting the database using the desktop software.

If you are in fact an Act! Premium Cloud customer, then this will need to be investigated by our server team. I can assist in this if you PM me any ticket numbers you received when last speaking to our support team.