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Cannot remove users from ACT! 2008 Version, Hotfix 1

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Cannot remove users from ACT! 2008 Version, Hotfix 1

Good morning - 


We are using ACT! 2008 Premium for Workgroups Version 10.03.182, Hotfix . 


When attempting to remove inactive/active users from a database we receive an error message after we receive the prompt to remove the contact from the database - when choosing either option (Yes or No) we receive the following: 


The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "USER_COLUMNACCESS_USERID_Fk". The conflict occurred in database "GoLead", table "dbo.TBL_USER", column 'USERID'. The statement has been terminated. 


We have also had many problems regarding speed. Our database has over 117,000 records in it and we were told that eliminating inactive users may help this problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I searched the knowledge base and couldn't find anything.


Traci Whetzel

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Re: Cannot remove users from ACT! 2008 Version, Hotfix 1

Hi Tracy!

Better late then never and to all others that may come across this unresolved thread......


The Problem can occur in any Version of ACT! from 10 up to the current one.

It can "easily" be solved by removing all field security settings in the database.

We have so far had about 2 databases having that problem in the past, the second one just yesterday (German ACT!12). We have not researched the actual field (maybe it is only one causing the problem...), but we could solve that problem again by removing all field security settings in that database.

Due to the rarity of that problem we've not gone deeper to clarify the actual reason. Of course the problem should be addressed by SAGE, because this workaround doesn't cure the base problem.....


Andreas Schlesselmann

Melville-Schellmann GbR

ACT! Certified Consultants from Germany

Andreas Schlesselmann
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