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Cannot open shortcut to file after ACT! activity is closed

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Cannot open shortcut to file after ACT! activity is closed

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ACT Premium 11 (2009)  [11,1 HF3]


Cannot open shortcut to file after ACT! activity is closed 

Please can anyone assist with a resolution to this issue...  we are the largest ACT! Reseller / Developer in Southern Africa and the problem outlined below has the potential to disrupt the roll-out of several new projects.  We rely on this feature to implement a reliable & affordable ACT! standard document management solution:



Create any activity and attach a shortcut to a file, e.g: meeting with a copy of the quotation enclosed.  This quote document can be opened by clicking on the (in-line) attachment icon from within the customer's ACT! Activity tab or from the ACT! User's Task List window - and can even be short listed using ACT! Dashbaords displaying meetings...


The Problem

After closing the activity, this file becomes unavailable, the attachment icon changes from a Shortcut icon to a File icon, and the error massage "There was an error opening the attachment.  It may have been deleted by another user or been created on a database that does not synchronise attachments"


Attempted remedies

  1. Occurs irrespective of whether scheduled for yourself or another ACT! User
  2. Occurs if the shortcut file is saved on the LAN Server or locally on the PC desktop
  3. Also occurs irrespective of the type of activty set (Call, To-do, Meeting or a variety of "other")
  4. The issue occurs irrespective of the date (past, today or future)
  5. Changing the type of file / document has no effect on this issue (MS Word, MS Excel, Notepad, Adobe PDF)
  6. The issue is not solved when the activity is UNclosed (re-opened)
  7. ACT! Update HotFix 3 was applied to address this issue = unsuccessful
  8. This problem is re-created using other PC's and occurs regardless of the ACT! User logged in
  9. The above situation also applies to the ACT! Demo database
  10. The problem is solved using the FILE attachment instead of the Shortcut attachment (not suitable for our purposes)

I await any feedback / suggestions...


Many thanks, Garrett



Message Edited by Garrett on 09-01-2009 03:05 AM
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Re: Cannot open shortcut to file after ACT! activity is closed

Hello Garrett,


I wasn't able to reproduce the issue using the scenario provided.  Is the issue specific to certain file types?  Are the files local or a shared location?