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Cannot open "ACT! Premium 2008 for web in internet explorer

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Cannot open "ACT! Premium 2008 for web in internet explorer

I am having issues with Act! premium 2008 for Web. I was able to install the software and the SQL database successfully on a windows 2003 server.


I was successfully able to install the internet synchronization service on the same server.


When I open up Act Premium and go to Tools --> Website administration

 and test the connection of ACT! with web server, then It gives me an error that says - "ACT was not able to connect to your web server. Invalid URI: a port was expected, instead there was a colon present"


FYI: I already have IIS V6.0 installed and my default FTP Site and website are configured on my web server and works fine. When Act! for Web and Internet Sync was installed, I found entries for ACT! listed in the "websites" section of IIS. (it also includes the listing for APFW)




here's my FTP Site: (can be opened in windows explorer)


here's my default website in IIS:


(both of them works just fine. Please Try it out by yourself to verify)


So, to test if ACT! for web works in Internet explorer, if I type


ACT!'s console should open up in IE. Instead, it leads me to a blank page.


To override all the port forwarding issues, even tried to open Act! in IE on the server itself using the server's internal IP Address:


but this did not work as well.


It seems that I am missing a step here. Could you please let me know what I am missing or doing wrong here ?

I highly appreciate your help



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Re: Cannot open "ACT! Premium 2008 for web in internet explorer