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Cannot not open database unless I reboot first

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Cannot not open database unless I reboot first

I am running ACT! on a Windows 7 computer.  If I open ACT! right after rebooting it opens fine.  If however, I close it and try to open it later I get the following message:

The database ..  could not be accessed.  In order to access this database, check your network connection and verify that your database server is available.  It may be necessary to disable any firewall software on your computer or the server.


I also get this message if I attempt to connect from another computer to this database.


I've tried verifying the data in the .pad file, disabling the firewall, disabling the antivirus but nothing has helped so far.  Any suggestions?



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Re: Cannot not open database unless I reboot first

Sounds like your SQL is not starting automatically - at least not until reboot.  This was happening when a SQL update was being applied, and failed - it would stop SQL.


To Verify - before rebooting:


Right-click on My Computer and choose Manage

Click on the small arrow by Services and Applications

Now click on Services

In the right-hand screen you will see a list of services in alphabetical order

Scroll down to SQL(ACT7)

You should see Started in the Status

If not, highlight it (left click) and choose start (or right-click and choose start)


See if you can open ACT!.




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