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Can't setup Act Internet E-Mail

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Can't setup Act Internet E-Mail

I have recently installed Act Premium 2012 (current version is14.1.108.0) on a Windows 7 Professional 64 bit computer with Office 2010 installed.   I understand from what I’ve read that the 64bit Outlook will not work with this Version of Act that I have so I was trying to setup the Internet Mail in Act to use to send information to contacts from within Act to he the e-mail recorded in history.  Unfortunately, when I get to the point in the Setup Wizard to Test Connection I immediately get notified that the test was unsuccessful and it doesn’t appear as though enough time passed for the application to actually attempt to access our mail server.  Anyway,  it shows that the task of Establishing network connection was complete but the following task failed for the following reasons:

Log onto outgoing mail server(SMTP) – Failed to find outgoing server

Log onto incoming mail server(POP3) – Failed to find incoming server

Send test e-mail message – Failed to send test e-mail

I have double checked my setting that I use in outlook and they are exactly the same and I’ve verified to we are using Port 110 for incoming and port 25 for outgoing.  Has anyone elso experienced this and might know what the solution is?  does anyone know if it’s Sage’s intention to have Act work with Outlook in a 64 bit environment in the near future?   Thanks for your help in advance.

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Re: Can't setup Act Internet E-Mail

We get the same error when testing the connection, however sending and receiving works anyways so it's pretty safe to ignore the test.


Hope you don't get as many problems with the Act Email client as we do though. For us, the application crashes randomly when opening emails, often corrupting the preferences file with it, making that you have to reconfigure Act ocasionally. So I suggest backing up your preferences file.


The Act Email client also stores it's emails in a local database on each PC. As soon as you configure it, it's given a sort of ID, if you ever reinstall or your settings file gets corrupted, it'll make a new ID when configuring the settings, meaning you can't access any of the emails with the old ID. That is unless you dive into the local database and fix it.

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Re: Can't setup Act Internet E-Mail

Has your ISP provided different port numbers for SMTP and POP?  We use Yahoo here and with their "authenthication required" setting, we had to change the two ports numbers.