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Can't create new activity

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Can't create new activity

I posted this the other day, but don't see it and didn't get any e-mails, so I am reposting.


I can't create new activites of any type. Get the error,"You must select at least one contact to schedule an activity". But there IS a contact in the 'Schedule With' field.


I have tried creating activities from Act! menu, icon bar, and right-clicking on activity tab of the contact. Same error.


Have entered contact name through drop-down from Contacts button, hard text entry or from the Add Activity menu brought-upfrom the contact's Activity tab. Same error.


Have tried rebooting PC, restating Act!, stopping & restarting Act! Scheduler. Same error.


Please help

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Re: Can't create new activity

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Try creating a new database, entering in a contact, then creating an activity for that contact. If you are able to do this, then the issue may be with your database. You can try and correct the problem by running maintenance on your database. Please see the following Knowledgebase article for instructions:


Database Rebuild and Repair Procedures Using ACTDIAG

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Greig Hollister

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