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Can't access from outside of network

Copper Super Contributor
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Can't access from outside of network

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I am unable to log on to Act! from outside the network.


I have a 2008 R2 server with the latest (V21) Act! Premium (access via web) installed.


I can access from inside the network at SERVERNAME/apfw.


I can access at the sever with http://localhost/apfw


I can access the server via RDP from an outside location (I RDP to work (250 miles away), and used that computer to RDP back to server here).


I am using DynDNS for Dynamic DNS service.  That works fine with RDP. 


I can ping the router from inside the network, but not from outside (???).


I do have HTTP port 80 opened to server on the router.


This is the command I am using from outside the network to get in:  http://"dyndnsservername".com/apfw


To RDP to the server I am using "dyndnsservername".com:3389.  Port 3389 being port forwarded in the router.  I can also access via RDP using the Router IP.


So, What am I missing to get access from outside of the network???


Any help greatly appreciated...


Chris B.

Nickel Super Contributor
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Re: Can't access from outside of network

have you tried just using http://"dyndnsservername".com/ so it just goes to the server default page as the issue may be due to the firewall settings on the server. And at least if the above doesn't work then you know it's nothing to do with act!