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Can not save an attached document after editing

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Can not save an attached document after editing

When I open a document that has been attached to a contact or opportunity, and edit it, I can not save it. I get an error that the document "is currently in use. Try again later."


I am using a client and the main database is on the server.


I am also using a 64 bit system.


This error only happens on attached documents opened through ACT!, it does not happen with documents opened in any other manner from the server.


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Re: Can not save an attached document after editing

Generally this is a Word error and a damaged file on the system. Do a search to remove the and then try again would be my suggestion

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Re: Can not save an attached document after editing

if pauls solution doesn't work, (try it first because it's easier), you will need to do a restore as from a backup. We have seen this several times especially in a terminal server or remote desktop environment. 

1) backup your database and get everyone out.

2) within ACT diag, (start, run, actdiag) detach your database

3) move your database out of hte original location via windows explore. (don't delete, just move to another location)

4) open ACT, choose file, restore, AS and restore to the original location and to the original name.


check and see if the problem is resolved.


If it's beyone what you're comfortable, please let me know.

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