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Can import anything but the "Contact" field

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Can import anything but the "Contact" field

Hi guys,


In my contact DB, I can Import any filed data from an Excel file, except the Contact one.

When I import, rows are created, but the Contact field stays empty.


All works fine, when the same action is performed in the Demo DB, with the same file, mapping and data.

I thus think the problem lies inside my contact DB.


To norrow down the problem, I've simplified what the data looks like and reproduced the problemn with this data in the excel file and a mapping Prenom Nom -> Contact; Societe -> Societe (= company : I have a french version).


Prenom Nom Societe
Valérie Leprêtre Ordre des experts comptable de Haute Normandie



I already have tryed to Check the DB integrity and Rebuit indexes, and used actDiag to Controle, Repair,Reindex, Clean the cache.


The problem is still there.


Help really needed !!!

That for your suggestions !




Olivier Soudieux