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Can i change list view?

Tuned Listener
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Can i change list view?

I have a list view of my opportunites set up so that i can export it to excel and it print it and paste it on the wall or something.  It exports it to however the list view is set at the time.  I can go into options and customize columns but that seems annoying.  I'm wondering if i can have like different list view templates.


Also is it possible to edit the top part of list view in opportunites.  I don't need to sort so much by the process/stage, probabilities and totals.  I'd like to be able to put other fields there to sort by my own fields.  I know i can do that by clicking sort list on the left but seems like i shouldn't have to constantly do that and have to keep setting different sorts when i could just make an easy sort list on top like you can with fields in detail view.


Is that possible?

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Re: Can i change list view?

Unfortunately the answer to both questions is 'no'.  You cannot save 'templates' for the List View, nor can you edit the top section (filters) for the List View.


If you'd like to submit these ideas as future enhancements, that can be done through the Share Your Ideas Forum.  Once submitted other community members can vote and comment on the enhancement.

Greg Martin
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Re: Can i change list view?

Greg is correct, it is not possible in the current version of ACT! but we have developed a add-ons for this and many other features like colorization and list management.


You can download and test drive our add-ons at 

We have one specifically for the Opportunity List View.



-- Jim Durkin