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Can I add a Column to the Contact Pull down menu in "Edit History"?

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Can I add a Column to the Contact Pull down menu in "Edit History"?

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I am really hoping I am able to add another column to this pull down menu. I'll explain my situation, possibly there is another method I could use if this is not feasible.


Say I have client 'A', which I provide multiple quotes to - I have added a field denoted Smiley Tongueroject ref.  I would place all quotes under client "a" denoted "quotes" in the project reference field.  Then when awarded a project, I would like to be able to copy the client information, and then change the 'project ref' to the address of the project I have been awarded (so far no problems).  The problem now becomes transferring the selected files pertaining from that specific quote to the new file I have created.  I see there is an option to copy history over, but it moves ALL information from one client to another, which doesn't help.  I did notice that if I go to edit the document, it gives me a 'contact' scroll down bar where I could change who the file is under (or send to multiples).  In this pull down menu, I would like to be able to add the 'project reference' field, so I could make sure I am sending the files to the right contact page.  Once I have multiple contact pages with the same clients name, but different project references, I will have no way of knowing if I am moving the files to the correct contact page.  Please help!  if anyone has any other work around that could work in a similar matter, I am open to suggestions!  Thanks!