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Can Act do this?

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Can Act do this?

HI. I'm very very new to Act databases.  I've been tasked with updating a database from a process point of view.  Reducing the number of fields that are being tracked, and moving stuff around to more logical spots.  I've got a little bit of knowledge on databases and how they work, but really am quite high level.  

With that, I know in other databases, I've seen these two functions, are they possible in ACT?

And if so, what would I ask for in the modifications so that it would make sense to the ACT developer.

We are on Act! Premium Version


1- For the Process/Stage field.  In specific, the Stage field.  Can I generate a history for this field and only this field separate from the general history tab.?  Ideally, would have the stage, date changed, and the user. Anytime it changed, it would update the history.  If possible, I'd like to have this on a separate tab.  As it stands now, we change the Stage, but then also go somewhere else to update some field so the date can be captured. (For example, we change the stage to "Application Submitted", and then go to the "Application submitted" field and put the date in).     I'd like to eliminate the duplicate data entry.  And I want the history to be easily scanned for the general timeline of the opportunity.


2- If I have a checkbox, and a date associated with that checkbox,  is it possible to have the date update to today's date when the checkbox is checked. And also have the date field as an editable field  (so if I'm updating the checkbox late, I can change the date to another day if necessary)


And finally, if you were going to recommend an ACT textbook as general reference guide, is there one in specific that is quite good?   This is the kind of stuff I could probably look up if I had the right book.


Thanks so much. Sorry for the long winded post.  


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Re: Can Act do this?

Hi there,


I understand what you've asked for and it makes sense, but unfortunately both of these functions are not available in Act out of the box, but could be available using 3rd party addons.


For your 1st question, it's possible to filter the history tab, using the Types dropdown, to see only the history of opportunity stage updates.


For your 2nd question, I was thinking it might be possible with smart tasks, but unfortunately these can't update date fields.


Lastly, we do offer some workbooks for Act, you can buy them from this page:

We are currently in the process of updating them for v18.