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Calendar issues after upgrade to 20.0

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Calendar issues after upgrade to 20.0

Does anyone know what would cause duplicate calendar items in both Outlook and Act after an upgrade.


Prior to the upgrade:

  • Users are running Windows 7, Office 2010 and Act 19.2.
  • All users sync between Outlook and Act

After the upgrade

  • Users are running Windows 10, Office 2016 and Act 20.1  (brand new PC's)

I updated the Act database and had each of the users connect using their new PC's.  Each of them configure a 2 way sync between Act and Outlook.  After the first sync all calendars and flooded with duplicates..  some entries are duplicated multiple times..  Reoccurring activities are showing up so many times it makes the calendar unreadable, we're talking 20 entries on the same day for the same activity.


Now I need to explain the situation to 75 angry financial advisors.  This was the first stage of our upgrade, I have many more to do between now and the middle of next year.  I can't have the duplicate issue every time. 


Any ideas?


Nickel Elite Contributor
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Re: Calendar issues after upgrade to 20.0

Hello Richard,


Question: Did you make a database backup before starting the upgrade process?
I suggest contacting the Swiftpage support department directly so they can remotely connect to your Act! server and they run a process that allows you to eliminate all duplicate activities and contacts - this way you lose less time and they can directly review what caused the problem
Support Email:
Sales and Support phone: 866-873-2006
Support operation hours: Monday to Friday: 8:30am to 8:30pm (EST)
The dangerous part of synchronization is when you use a third service or device ... that can create duplicate activities or contacts since in the third service or device that will create an identifier different from the one used in synchronization between the Act! database and Outlook
I do not suggest the synchronization of Act! with Outlook, only the integration with Outlook that allows you to create a history record for the emails sent
If users require contact information and calendar of activities on their laptops, it is best to create a remote database that can be synchronized by the local network when they return to the office, or by internet  installing the Internet synchronization service.

Greetings and good luck with this process