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Calendar View

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Calendar View

My calendar view looks like it moved all the way to the left of the screen.  All I have on the screen other than the tool bar on the top, the Navbar on he left side, and the mini calendar that is usually in the upper right corner.  But I have a bunch of these - like 16 months of them but I can't see them all because they stretch out to the left to infinity.

Did I hit a hot button or something to make this happen - and how do I undo it?


If you have any ideas I would appreciate you helping me out.



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Re: Calendar View

Hello NDPSBill,

Welcome to the ACT! Online Community!


This is generally a sign that the ACT! Preference files have become corrupted - again 'generally' due to a monitor's DPI settings by changed from default.  Here is an article with instructions for recreating your ACT! Preference files: KB Article 21042


Note: When rebuilding the Preference files, use the option titled "Alternate Method - Manually Rebuild Preferences".

Greg Martin