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Calculated fields have stopped working

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Calculated fields have stopped working

Afternoon all,


I've been using calculated fields to return the value of a sale after discounts and tax. I had these sorted last week, working perfectly.


I attempted to change the names to something more appropriate (they had been test1, etc). After realising Act doesn't like changing the name of a calculated field, I decided to copy the formula, delete the test field then create the new field with the correct name. 


after doing this, the calculation didn't work. just wouldn't return any value. I've spent a good long while checking the formula's which were fine. then decided to use a basic calculation to see if it was Act being difficult.


low and behold the darn thing won't calculate anything now. it just displays a blank.


I've tried to repair the database but now I'm at a loss as to what to do. anybody have any ideas for me?