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Calculated Age field quit working.....

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Calculated Age field quit working.....

Act! Premium Version


The calculated age field has been working since we upgraded to v16 many months ago.


  • First I noticed the calculated date field results were often off by one year. I would change the date by one day, save the record and then change it back - save the record - and the calculated field would reflect the proper age. |

  • Then I started to get odd changes to the date field that contains the data. I enter a date and then ACT inserts another random date upon leaving the field... wierd - it doesn't happen all the time - just periodically.

  • Now the age field is no longer working. 

  • Absolutely nothing has changed to my knowledge.... 


  1. So I ran a database maintenance and repair on both parent and subscriber databases - no improvement. 
  2. Then I decided to remove the calculated field and recreate it - that worked.... but why was it necessary?
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Re: Calculated Age field quit working.....

You might check the system clocks of all the systems with Act! ... and, if syncing to mobiles/tablets, those as well
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Re: Calculated Age field quit working.....

I noticed this happens when the hotfixes are installed

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