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Posts: 17
Country: USA


Version: ACTv16 Premium w/web

Server 2008 R2

14 client installations 


Bug: Opportunity screen "jumps" to the first Opportunity in the list when a field triggers an Activity Series.


Description: We use Activity Series to assign tasks to multiple users throughout the life of an opportunity. When a specific field in the Opportunity layout is checked, the system prompts the user to schedule a specific Activity Series. We have approximately 10 Activity Series tied to fields in the Opportunity layout. We use each Series in every Opportunity. 


If no Activity Series has been scheduled for an Opportunity, when the first Activity Series prompts, the Opportunity jumps to the first in the list view and the Activity Series tasks are set to be scheduled with the contact assigned to that first Opportunity. 


My team is canceling the Series, navigating back to the origional Opportunity and manually scheduling the Activity Series.


Work Around: After spending 3 hours on remote support with an ACC and Act Support, and listening to the ACC tell me that I was the first person to report this bug (I HIGHLY DOUBT THAT), I created an Activity Series titled "jump" which my staff knows to trigger on all new Opportunities.


While I understand that this is more workflow software related, and ACT is a CRM not a workflow software, this is an obvious bug that I don't see them fixing. We are currently looking for an alternative to ACT that has more workflow functionality because it doesn't look like ACT will fix it for v16, and instead try to sell us on the subscription model they're coming out with.


Very frustrating.