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Blocking List View Access

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Blocking List View Access

Basically what I am wanting to figure out is if there is any way to block list view access from anyone without administrator rights.  My company is having issues with people accessing the list view to steal other employees contacts.  We still want anyone to be able to access any contact but only if they are given the information for it to begin with, not through searching for accounts not touched within a certain amount of time.

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Re: Blocking List View Access

In ACT!'s premium products, there is the ability to limit record access by standard user.  You can set a preference to make all new records added by a specific user limited to themselves or themselves and a manager user.  You can also go back to the records that are already in the database and change their access.   Individually, this can be done from the Contact Info Tab.  Select the Limited Access radio button and then click Select Users/Teams and choose who should have access to this record.  You can also set limited access to a group of records by creating a lookup, highlight the list and right click. Select Edit Contact List.  Depending on which items are not grayed out, you can Create a New Access List or Edit an Access List.    Select the users from the left pane and move them to the right pane.  If you want access to be by a team, select the TEAM tab and move the appropriate team from the left pane to the right.  Click OK when done.    By default, All Administrator level users have access to all records in the database.  In earlier versions of ACT!,  manager level users also have access to all records by default.


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