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Blackberry interface with ACT

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Blackberry interface with ACT

I know a Blackberry can sync with ACT, which we do not want to do, is there a way to just access our ACT database through a Blackberry?  We are running ACT! Premium 2008 (10.0) (ST Edition) Version, Office 2007, Win XP.  Is there a way to just view the data without loading all the contacts on the Blackberry?


Thanks for any and all help!


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Re: Blackberry interface with ACT

You can't access the data without syncing it to the BB. Even with the Web version of ACT!, the interface won't render on a BB browser


The best solution is Handheld Contact


What's you reasoning behind not wanting to sync? If it's security of having the data on the device, HHC has an option to remotely erase it's database from a user's device