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Best way to upgrade from act6 to 2010?

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Best way to upgrade from act6 to 2010?

Hello,  I have been playing around with  a copy of our act6 database in 2010,  Close to making the full change however i have a few questions.


Whats he best way to do this?  I just copied my db files into a new folder and let 2010 convert them on an open.  Should they be backed up in 6 and then restored/imported into 2010?  Is there a difference  in converting the database on a restore vs opening a copy?


Documents,  In Act6  all the letters that were written were linked to the database, now in 2010 it just says it cant find the document in the location but  It was making me think that when you  backup it captures all that information.  Just a guess.  Whats the safest way to keep my documents intact?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.