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Best practices: Contacts with alternative names

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Best practices: Contacts with alternative names

[ACT Premium Web 19.2,  Local 2008 R2 Server, Windows 10/Outllook clients, OakMerge & TopLine]


My office is new to ACT! and we are still working out our procedures, adapting to ACT.


One small issue is that our customers are embarking on professional careers and for some this entails adopting a professional name that is different from their actual personal name and in contacting us, they may use those names interchangeably as context changes.


We've added an "alias" field and placed it in the Contact Details view near the Contact Name.  


I was just wondering if there were any tricks available to make this visual clue, which is really nothing more than a note at the moment, more functional.  For example, is it possible to create Contact pointers, so that two different Contact Names point to the same, singular Contact record?  Or, is it possible to make a field like our "Alias" searchable as a Contact name field, so that when someone searches Contacts, Alias entries also show up?


Wondering if others have clever or practical ways of addressing this sort of problem.


Thanks for any suggestions

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Re: Best practices: Contacts with alternative names



I suggest that the ALIAS field generates history, in this way if the ALIAS changes, it will be able to obtain search results from the history records





If I search for the keyword (or fragment of the word) I will receive a result of the contact field and the stories in the ALIAS field