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Backing Up Custom Menus

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Backing Up Custom Menus

ACT! 2007 9.; Version, Hotfix 1,


I have a small workgroup environment with four computers. All databases reside on a 5th workstation computer (which functions as the 'ACT Server'). On one workstation computer (let's call it the 'The Origin Computer') in the workgroup I have made extensive custom commands additions to the "Write" menu. Following are two concerns that I need help on. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.


1)    I do daily data backups faithfully. I want to prevent having to manually redo all the custom commands in the event of a restoration or a computer crash. Where do I go on the hard drive of which computer, ('The Origin Computer' or the 'ACT Server') to find the files to backup the custom commands and their placement in the "Write" menu? Then I can just copy and paste to get all the menu's back to the way they were before a dreaded crash actually occurred.


2)    What would the actual names of the files be?


3)    In an effort to prevent the repeat entry of the Custom Commands at each workstation on it's "Write" menu is it possible to just paste files from the 'The Origin Computer' onto each of the other workstations? This would save hours of repetitive work. I am concerned that somehow additional prefereneces from other applications on the original computer may accidently get pasted onto the other workstations.





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Re: Backing Up Custom Menus

Hello Dekade,

Welcome to the Act! Online Community!


For Act! 2007 - the file you are looking for is located in the path:

c:\documents and settings\*username*\application data\Act\Act for Windows 9\Preferences


The file you need to copy is:

- ConnectedBars253


This file can be copied from machine to machine (replace existing file), but any customization done at the local machine will be removed.


Greg Martin