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Backing Up .ADF and .ALF files

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Backing Up .ADF and .ALF files

I have a separate backup software program that I use on the stand alone computer that functions as the ACT! 9.0 server. I realize that ACT! has a backup feature in it and I do use that on a daily basis. But I am wanting to do something additional.


Daily I back up a bunch of files that are on the ACT! 9.0 server computer. All files backup except for the .ADF and .ALF files. What do I need to do to get these two files to also backup?


Thanks for any help.





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Re: Backing Up .ADF and .ALF files

The ACT! Database adf and alf files are "owned" by the MSSQL$ACT7 process and are "in use".


The ACT! Scheduler Backup stops and restarts the process as part of its backup routine. The zip file it creates can be stored in a folder of your choice.


You could have the ACT! backup run and then pick up the zip file in your backup routine.


Or, if confident, could stop and start the process yourself, as part of your backup routine/script.


The commands are:


net stop MSSQL$ACT7 your file stuff in here....


net start MSSQL$ACT7


This information is provided "as is". You would need to test any scripts before using them on a production system.


Your local ACT! Certified Consultant could assist you.




Neil Gilford
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Re: Backing Up .ADF and .ALF files

Actually if you're faced with a restore you're better off with the backup file created by the ACT! program. As others have reported, the ACT! database is connected to the MSSQL server and is open anytime the MSSQL server is running and that is typically anytime the computer is powered unless the server is specifically stopped. What you may want to check on is if there is an option for you backup program to backup open files. On my personal computer I use a program call Genie Backup Manager Pro from Geniesoft and it does backup open files. I have tested the backup so made and I was able to do a successful restore..

Roy Laudenslager
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