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Automating a parsed text?

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Automating a parsed text?

How would one go about automatic a procedure in Act based upon a parsed text? For instance, say you are locally synchronizing Act ot a handheld device. For your own convenience you mark completed appointment with some sort of character string (or you have a device that inserts a character string into appointments or tasks that have been checked as completed). After synchronizing with Act the recognizable character string is transferred back to Act. Is there an existing way, or add-in that would allow you to change all appointments containing this character string to "completed"?

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Re: Automating a parsed text?

Not really automated, but if you are consistant, you could make the first several letters of the regarding line AAA (or something similar) then in the aCT task list, sort by regarding line and all the activities starting with AAA group together. Then select them all (click on the first and shift click on the last) and then right click and choose clear. You will be able to clear them all at once this way.

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Re: Automating a parsed text?

Hi magreenfield,
Someone could utilize the SDK to develop a plug-in that accomplishes this task. Off the top of my head I'm not aware of a sync complete event that could be monitored but you (or someone else) could create it as a menu item that when clicked would search activities regarding or details section for one's that contain the string and then set them to completed.
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