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Automatic Field Calculation - Follow installation date

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Automatic Field Calculation - Follow installation date

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I'm using act! v18 with automatic field addon from exponenciel.


I want to follow the installation date after 90 days i have to call back the customer.


At the moment im using 3 different Calculation but it could be better to run on more complex calculation.


I want a popup each time on expired installation so i cant forget to call bakc the customer.


Here's my code at the moment:



#1 Target to field [Date installation]
DateAdd("m";3;[Date livraison])
#2 Target to field [Date livraison]
If([Date installation]>Now();"";"EXPIRÉ")
#3 Target to field [Suivi Installation]
If([Installation Expiré];"EXPIRÉ";)MessageBox(Doit Space(1)appeler Space(1)[Contact]Space(1)de Space(1)la Space(1)compagnie Space(1)[Compagnie]Space(1)car Space(1)le Space(1) délai Space(1) installation Space(1) EXPIRÉ)


That's not working perfectly, i need something more user firendly.


Thank you