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Auto Create Opportunity

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Auto Create Opportunity



I would like to know if there is either an addon I can buy or method I can use that will AUTOMATICALLY create an opportunity based on a field in the contact. 


When searching for this, a similar question was answered that smart task might be able to help, however, I can't create the function to resolve this with smarttask.


I would be grateful for any solutions 


Running Sage Act Premium 2013 (version 15)



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Re: Auto Create Opportunity

This would be a complex action - you have lots of variables that need to be set when creating an oportunity - process, stage, product, etc. You could possibly have a program written that will create a shell opportunity whn exiting the field.  You are correct as well that this cannot be done with a Smart Task. 

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Re: Auto Create Opportunity

[ Edited ]

If it helps,

You can automatically create Opportunity related Groups/Sub Groups based on data in a contact field.

As soon as the value is entered & saved in the Contact record, a Group Membership is automatically added to that Contact.


Create a Charater field called

 Related_To_Opportunities, maybe 300+ length?

add it to the Contact Layout.


Create Group called Company A Opportunities Group

then a Subgroup called OPP001 for a new radiator...

then a Subgroup called OPP002 for a new set of wheels(4).

  on the group contacts tab, select add contacts, then select edit criteria

    Select the field name Related_To_Opportunities,  contains   value: OPP001

Do this for each subgroup and as soon as the value is entered into the Related_To_Opportunities contact field, they will be added to related group based on your criteria button settings..

The use of the Group Reports, History Reports, Contact Reports is very helpful for this process.


This doesnt create your opportunies but may help you achive a workable solution?


If users seek a simpler solution for creating Opportunies without using the ACT! Opportunties module,

You can create New Opportunity Contact fields

 Then you can add the new Opportunity TAB to your Contact layout and apply new Opportunity fields to your Contact layout.

   Easily Create a New Write Template to print them.

Email them and save them as attachments to your Contact Record.

Can be attached to History, Notes or Documents Tab in the Contact record.

Paste the Opportunity info into the Notes after you generate a Write Template(Form)..

They are still fully searchable and editable for future managing needs.

It is all done from the Contact module.

Each time you create a new opportunity from that contact record, you will use the previously attached doc items for later use and maintaining.

You would not get the benefit of using the Opp reports and Dashboard, but that may be a simpler solution for some ACT! users.?  Smiley Happy



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Re: Auto Create Opportunity

Hi Bill,


Thanks for the workarounds. I like the way you have approached this with the solutions for me and I think I'm going to try them both to see which fits best for me.


Thanks again for thinking out of the box to get a solution for the problem Bill.