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Auto Company Create Bug in Act v16

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Auto Company Create Bug in Act v16

In case anyone is thinking of trying the Auto Create Company feature based on 1 or more companies having the same name - there is a bug which means when you synch those contacts are not synched - we have lost visibility of meetings, contacts and opportunities as a result of this - and even after turning it off, any contacts affected by this will not synch Urgently looking forward to a hot fix and would be good to know if any other known issues can be posted so we can see what else we might be affected by - confidence in the database is not very high as we have to ask each Act user to let us know if there are any appointments set up by them in our calendars or opps we cannot see Hopefully this will save someone else from the same hassle we have experienced. I hope we don't have to pay to upgrade to a new Act version to get this major bug fixed! Andy Kent
Andy Kent
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Re: Auto Company Create Bug in Act v16

I've read that if you edit the contacts, etc. that they will then sync.  I could write an addon that would edit anything created or edited after a certain date and that should get all of your data to sync.  Contact me offline if you're interested.



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