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Auto Backup & E-Mail Notification

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Auto Backup & E-Mail Notification

Good morning to the ACT Community and wishing all are safe and surviving the Pandemic.


I have a client that is using ACT Growth Suite, V22, update 4


The installation is a hub and spoke with the hub being on Swiftpage's server and the spokes all being RDBs.


The client recently requested that all users create a daily automatic backup with E-Mail notification to the system admin.


The backups are working as expected, but the E-Mail notification are not.


The admin's Auto Backup and eMail notification is working as expected; however, the other users are failing on setting up the automatic notification.


The Admin's E-Mail Notification is as follows:

  • Outgoing SMTP server name:
  • Port:  587
  • Use SSL:  Yes
  • My SMTP server requires authentication
  • Account Name:
  • Password:  ACT Login password
  • Test e-mail address: (Note this is the user's eMail in the ACT db) - SMTP server test successful

When any of the other users fill this in with their login and password, they get the following error:

  • When any of the other users fill this in, they get the following error:
     secure connection and/or logon credentials are incorrect.
  • I did confirm with our ISP that the Port number doesn't change from user to user.

Any ideas why the admin's eMail would work and the other users fail?


In case you wondered:  The client recently lost 60 contacts and the history showed that a specific user was the one who deleted them - but he doesn't remember doing the deletion.  It occurred to me to ask Swiftpage to create a new RDB based on the most recent backup so that the contacts, with history, could be exported to the working database.  Unfortunately, while the server is backed up daily, they said they cannot grab a backup and create an RDB from that backup.


They would be willing to take the most recent backup and replace the operating database.  That, of course, would be applicable in the case of a catastrophic loss of data in the host.  Because this wasn't identified for 3 days, there would be 3 days of lost data by the other users of the db.  


As a result, the client is having each user create a backup at the end of the work day and after their last sync.  

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