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Attachments sub folder how to find the file the contact or company record

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Attachments sub folder how to find the file the contact or company record

[ Edited ]

Sorry I edit this post twice now having new info/results.

Win7 64 bit, Prem 2011 SP1 HF4, Run one remote Network Sync.

I have a few files in the DB Sub folder Attachments were I do Add Document in the Contact Detail Document Tab. There are 21 files in the folder with an correct name.  There is a second file in the folder but with an Alphanumeric string (date time stamp?) added after the name.


Why am I seeing this second file in Documents Tab?

The files are not opened on the remote side during a scheduled Net. Sync, but maybe because on Publisher PC I may have a file open reading it that can be the only other possibility?


I ask because I recall reading KB not good to have these files with the long string in Attachments folder.


Earlier I asked then I removed it in Post how to search for the files but decided the Keyword Search is good enough.

Now I ask differently since I have found that file which keyword search did not for a specific file "faxoxfordsuite.DOC" in contact record D 086480 in the History Tab, Type: Other, Result: Fax Sent,  Attachment: faxoxfordsuite.DOC?

Why did search fail it should be looking in all History records since I have the check box selected?



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Re: Attachments sub folder how to find the file the contact or company record

Did you ever get an answer to this?  It is happening to me as well.


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Re: Attachments sub folder how to find the file the contact or company record


Well this was an old and poorly written post that I must have done in the early 2AM time while fighting with ACT!.

Let me restate and update the issue I had and have recently seen again.

You attach a file into the Contact record Document Tab area whos file name maybe short like Filename123.DOC. 

Have Options (Column view) showing at least the Name and Path.  The filename looks correct but the path also needs to show pointing to the correct filename. Open up the DB sub folder Attachments to see if the original file is there and not a second file with all the extra Alph/Numeric Char at the end.

If so Move the correct short file to another folder then form Documents Tab Remove Document "the long file", next Add Document and browser to the temporary folder you moved it to.  This insures you completly discounnted the files associatation to Contact record.


Second part of the Post was about how can the long file get created and be the new file of choice linked to the contact record.

A. If on Publisher or Remote PC you opened and are viewing a file and ACT! Sync starts it could create that long file.

B. If you opened a linked file and edit and saved it changing its date stamp ACT! could create the second file.

C. I recently noticed if I had my PC backup program accidently set to back up any of the ACT DB folders and Sync started then ACT! will assume changed or locked out and need to maek a copy.

D. I also recently noticed if I do a complex Save-As Empty Copy of DB and do all the steps to export old DB into New so I can insure there is no corruption in the DB and shrinks the DB size.  I've done this before but some reason this time I don't have 3500 files in Attachments but 7000 files. I don't know why but this is horrible problem that my only way to resolve it is recover from a good backup and export the Tables of contact/company/History records from current DB into the recovered backup except attached files and manually add the files abck that were attached after the backup.


Third part of post I was stating how to find a contact record who's attached file link was broken looking at the ACT Diag | Database List | report of