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Attachment links

Tuned Listener
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Attachment links

In ACT! v.6 one could print a Word document and have it saved to an organized file folder of choice.  With ACT! SQL and the attachement folder this seems not to be an option.  I can not find a way to change from the default of the attacments folder which is un organized.  Yes, attach as a shortcut allows for attaching where you want but it is an extra step.  You save the document with out attaching and then go find it to attach as a shortcut (Icon).  Now I do understand the need for the attachment folder for syncing.  But not everyone syncs.  They just use a network.  So is there a way to automate this so the attached file links point to where the user wants the file to be with out the extra step?

Charles "Carl" Volz
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Re: Attachment links

No... although I know Ingo at is working on an addon for this.


But, anything that you don't want in the Attachments folder should be added as a shortcut