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Attaching letters to history after print

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Attaching letters to history after print


It seems the only way I can record history and attach a letter to a contact is if I use quick print.


The trouble I'm having is that if I need to print on both sides I have to change the settings in File/Print. If I then go back to the document to quick print, the 'print on both sides' settings are not applied, and the only way I seem to be able to get them applied is to not use quick print, but use the print button in File/Print, which doesn't prompt me to record history or attach the document.

Are there any settings I can change to fix this?


We're using ACT 2011 with Office 2010 on Windows XP SP3 and Word Processor in ACT is set to Microsoft Word.



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Re: Attaching letters to history after print

We're having the same issue.


We're running a mixed environment with some machines running Windows 7 SP1 and some running Windows XP SP3. All machines are running ACT! 2011 SP1 HF5 and Office 2010 SP1 with all updates installed as of this writing.


Printing a letter normally (File, Print/Ctrl+P) from Microsoft Word 2010 does not bring up the Create History window. The Create History window is displayed and history is recorded correctly if the letter is printed using Quick Print or by clicking Record History on the ACT! dropdown on the Add-Ins tab in the ribbon.


Knowledgebase articles were not helpful as they related to the add-in not loading, which is clearly not the case here. Is there a fix for this or is this a bug in ACT! 2011?

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Re: Attaching letters to history after print

Hi Bhilty,

I didn't fix it but did find a workaround.

I may be wrong on this, but it seems like the quickprint function is just set to print to whatever printer is set and with those settings. The problem is when I change the printer settings it doesn't apply them unless I click print.


This is what I did:

I set up a new printer on my server set to double-sided print and the rest of the settings I need to print a double sided letter.

I added the printer on each pc as 'double-sided'.

Now, when I need to print a letter double-sided, I just select that printer and go back to quickprint - Ta-Da!


I reckon the issue is all to do with not being able to apply any printer change settings before going back to the document and quickprinting.


Hope this works for you.