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Attaching Folder Links on Document Tab

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Attaching Folder Links on Document Tab

I have Windows 7 and using ACT! 2010. On the documents tab, my client would like to attach a link to folder for that customer. I can create a shortcut to the shared folder and drag the shortcut onto the tab , but I get an error message when clicking on shortcut link saying I dont have access to that shortcut. Anyone have a workaround?


ACT! error - There was an error opening the attachment...blah blah blah

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Re: Attaching Folder Links on Document Tab


Did you update to the latest update, Hot Fix 1

I have Windows 7 64 bit and it works this way.

Right click on the folder create shortcut than Drag-and-Drop that folder on to Documents Tab area.

Does not work doing The button Add Documents | Shortcut.. and selecting it

Make sure you do this test with a C: local folder.  If it opens up than you need to check file folder security settings and access rights.


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Re: Attaching Folder Links on Document Tab

This should be an option within ACT by now without a work-around.