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Attaching Email Option in ACT! 2009 Falls Short

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Attaching Email Option in ACT! 2009 Falls Short

There are some good additions to ACT! 2009 such as a History of Previous Lookups, but I am surprised at the options offered under ACT! 2009 for email History recording using Outlook.

My expectation was that recording would allow for the entire e-mail as an Attachment but allow the choice of saving the E-mail Attached files or not. Unfortunately the improved integration with Outlook falls short of what some excellent add-on products already do and more importantly a lot of what people are looking for.
I don't often get customers wanting the whole content of the email text in History, it unecessarily clutters the History tab.

Good e-mail workflow and productivity with it are the #1 needs. Why does ACT! still not cut it for serious e-mail management when the add-in developers have shown the way and have done so for  anumber of years?  I will still be offering my clients e-mail addon products if they are looking for true e-mail productivity. Act 2009 doesn't do it and having to purchase an add-on influences purchasing decisions.

What people want from my experience is the ability to :
1. Easily navigate to the Contact from the e-mail, i.e Right Click, Choose 'Go to Contact'
2. Readily rename the Edit History Regarding field so that they can enter a meaningful description when attaching an E-mail against a contact record. Then they wouldn't have to open attached emails to check content for the information they are looking for at a later time.
3. Optionally save the E-mail + any attached files OR the E-mail without the attached files. For example if a sales person is sending pdf brocures or jpeg files to customers it is pointless to be attaching every incidence of sending the same material. They only want the E-mail content plus maybe the attachment names but NOT the attachments every time.

What do others think?

Graeme Leo
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Re: Attaching Email Option in ACT! 2009 Falls Short

Thank you for your input and suggestions regarding the e-mail integration.  Please make sure you have submitted these as feature requests.  Also, please remember that the main focus of ACT! is as a contact manager, not an e-mail manager.  That is why the add-ons are out expand ACT! as needed or desired beyond it's core functionality.

Greig Hollister

Note: Effective 6/1/13, Sage no longers provides support for the Act! software. This is now provided by Swiftpage.