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Attach File vs. Attach Shortcut

Tuned Listener
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Attach File vs. Attach Shortcut

What are the Pro's and Con's of both attaching a file and attaching a shortcut?


I'd assume attaching a file makes the contact in Act! a much larger file, and after attaching multiple files to multiple (thousands) of contacts,  Act! would slow down drasctically. I'm I correct in that thinking?


While reversely, just adding the shortcuts to the files, would still make the contacts larger, but not by nearly as much as attaching the whole file.


So if doing this on thousands of contacts.... which way is the better way to go?



Nickel Super Contributor
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Re: Attach File vs. Attach Shortcut

There is no one correct answer to this question, as it depends on which ACT! setup you use.

Many of my customers have a mixed environment of synch databases and workstations that access the database from one network share. Any configuration that relies on synch or RDB databases should employ file attachments, since the shortcuts will be unavailable to them otherwise.


Setups that use a single network share exclusively, could use either shortcuts or attachments without meaningful cost or limitations either way.

Having said that, as long as the network setup is stable, I have not witnessed the performance degradation using attachments that you described. I've deployed more ACT! networks in the last two years in Ontario than anyone else, and the only performance hit attachments typically creates is with synching and backing up.


I personally prefer the attachment method, as mapped network paths can become disconnected, server folders can be re-organized, and server names can even change - all of which can make each of your ACT! shortcuts dead links. There is also the benefit of safeguarding these documents from accidental deletion, as well (which would be sufficent reasons for me to use attachments), but I think I've expressed my preference well enough.



Ken Quigley, BA, MCSE, ACC, APT
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Re: Attach File vs. Attach Shortcut

Personally I prefer using shortcuts so that you don't get document control problems. When you attach a copy of a file you have two identical files on your system, the original and the one in ACT!  That's OK until one of them gets edited after which things can get badly confused as to which is the most recent.



Jeff Granger
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