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Attach Emails Sent Offline

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Attach Emails Sent Offline

Hi Everyone,


I've searched and searched but can't find an answer. Is there an addon or a feature built in to ACT that can do the following:


User has ACT installed on Desktop with Outlook integration. Everything works great on this computer, emails attach to history as they should.


User has laptop with Outlook installed that connects via Outlook Anywhere. User goes offline and composes 10 emails to 10 different contacts.


User connects laptop and emails send through Outlook. No history is ever recorded for these emails, even though they appear in the Desktop's Sent Folder.



How do we attach these emails? Is there an addon that can monitor exchange folders and auto attach emails? ACT Outlook service doesn't even pick them up since they were not sent through Outlook on the desktop.


Any idea? Help!




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Re: Attach Emails Sent Offline

Dont know if this will help and its a possible work around, had a similar issue when i was doing mail mergers or when you send a file from another program it sorta bypasses the outlook plug in


But from my understanding its on the Send button click that brings in the addin and links to the contact so off line the send button is click already


Possible work around


After they have done all the emails offline move them from the Outbox to the Draft box, then connect and send

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Re: Attach Emails Sent Offline

You can use Smart Inbox that doesn't rely on an Outlook plugin, refer 


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