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Anyway to combine two Databases a little at a time?

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Anyway to combine two Databases a little at a time?

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OK here's the thing.


This is a SMALL company (5 employees).   I am a outside tech called in occassionally to help with things, and I am not very familiar with ACT!, although I am getting better.


Here's the thing, the Boss (CEO) got a new laptop, somehow (I wasn't here to set it up) he started a new database on his laptop instead of using the remote/child database.  Now he's been using it for like a month and has all kinds of new data in it, and he wants to combine it with the database on the server.


I have created a remote database that will sync with the server.  Then I tried doing an IMPORT using the feature in ACT! to import the info he has in the new database on his laptop into the remote database so he can sync it.  It takes FOREVER and always ends in an error, and ends up not importing anything. 


He is telling me that he thinks it is because he has alarms set up and when they go off it causes the error, unfortunatly he clicks the error away before I can write it down the last few times.


But he wants me to look into only importing some of the data at a time to take less time importing, or to disable all his alarms for XXX amount of time to let the import work.


ANY Help on how to do this would be appreciated, as the longer I let him go the bigger his WRONG database gets because he keeps using it and putting in MORE data rather than using the remote database because it doesn't have the last 28 days worth of data.


P.S. I don't know how this forum works but if it doesn't send me updates when someone replies if they could reply to rick (at) brunobits (dot) com, to let me know I'd appreciate that too

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Re: Anyway to combine two Databases a little at a time?

Hello Brunobits,

Welcome to the ACT! Online Community!


Using the 'Import' process, you cannot divide the information.  However, using the 'Export' function you have additional options (such as 'Current Lookup').  The export is initiated from the 'Wrong' database, with the remote being the target.

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Re: Anyway to combine two Databases a little at a time?

Best to engage an ACT! Consultant in your area to assist with the process.

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Re: Anyway to combine two Databases a little at a time?

I would also recommend doing the import on the Server (after backing up the database, of course) rather than on the remote.

Make sure you log in to both databases with your boss's user to maintain the user details.

If it still fails, you should post the full / exact error