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Any suggestions

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Any suggestions

I am relatively new to ACT and need some help.  I just imported 6000 contacts into ACT from Excel.  I titled the source Database 2011.  However I did not notice until after I had imported everything, that when I dragged the source name in Excel it actually changed the Source Name in each field as Database 2011, 2012, 2013 etc.. for 6000 people.  So I’d like to know if I have delete everyone that I just imported and start over (not the preferred method) or is there a way to change all of the the source names for the ones that I imported to 2011?  I know that can go in and do it individually but for 6000 people that's going to take a while 


Any suggestions?

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Re: Any suggestions

If the data is in only one field, then you an use the Edit Replace to change the data in that field.  Use it cautiously.  The only thing more dangerous is Delete.  8-)

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Re: Any suggestions

Edit Replace and Contact, Delete, two  dangerous commands from which there is no UNDO. Back up your database first, but Pat is correct, Edit Replace will take care of you.

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