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Another Send Invitation Email Issue

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Another Send Invitation Email Issue



Environment Is:


  • Act! Premium Version, Update 3
  • Windows 10
  • Click-to-Run Update Support - Successfully installed on 07/13/2017
  • 2017-07 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1703 for x64-based Systems (KB4025342) - Successfully installed on 07/11/2017
  • Office 365 – Office Update - This product will not be updated.  Version 16.0.4229.1024



After tens of man hours of dedicated Swiftpage technical support to me, it was determined that the ACT sync with Outlook did not work as represented pre-sale. 


Therefore, I do not sync ACT and Outlook.  I am forced to do dual data entry for both contacts and calendar activities because the software that I purchased does not sync as represented.


For Meeting Activities, I use the Send Email Invitation feature.


On this Community, I am the author of many posts of that feature causing ACT to stop working, necessitating either the shutdown of ACT or the reboot of my computer.  This issue is unresolved.



I have identified another issue with the Send Email Invitation feature.


If the Activity is cleared as Meeting Not Held




if the meeting was deleted in Outlook and Erased many days later in ACT (because we small   business owners cannot remember to do all the minutia tasks of our businesses at any given moment of a day)


then ACT launches a window stating: “Deleting Outlook Invitation Finding corresponding outlook invitation to delete…” with 7 circles going left to right being sequentially filled in blue.


ACT never finds the Outlook Invitation.  In point of fact, ACT freezes up necessitating a shutdown of ACT.



How do we terminate the feature of ACT “Deleting Outlook Invitation Finding corresponding outlook invitation to delete…”



When we, the Swiftpage targeted small business owners, are not fixing ACT, we are trying to earn a living by making sales to our target customers, which then allows us to pay ACT for the pleasure of engaging its technical support.  We cannot timely maintain ACT.  Again, we are trying to make sales or we are fixing ACT.  So, Clearing or Erasing an ACT activity many days after the Activity is a real life situation for us customers.  We do not need ACT to launch a deletion of an Outlook invitation that may have occurred 10 days ago.


Many Thank Yous.


PS: My new business partner has requested that I abandon ACT for his web based CRM.  I declined.  I want ACT to work.  However, I am now at 150 hours of technical issues that I did not bargain for when I decided to implement ACT in November, 2016.  So, I am working awfully hard to be a Swiftpage customer, far, far, far too hard.

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Re: Another Send Invitation Email Issue

Hi princeedwardh,


This issue may well be related to the issues you have previously mentioned. I have tested in my own environment the first part of the issue but was unable to replicate it. I have also created some invitation to my colleagues and will attempt the second method tomorrow as I couldn't replicate it by scheduling and clearing right away. 


There are issues reported with sending activities from Act with office 2016 and v19. it maybe safe to assume the same issues would be experienced when it is attempting to integrate back to Act from Outlook.