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Allow standard users to link contacts to company

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Allow standard users to link contacts to company

Hi all,



I need to know if it's possible to do either of the following:

- Let standard users link contacts to a company where they are not the record manager of that contact, OR

- Disallow manager users the ability to delete records


In our environment we prefer to be record manager agnostic as we don't need the functionality it provides and don't want to add additional steps to our contact management. On the other hand, we prefer not to allow record deletion across the board outside of special circumstances, which means that promoting everyone to a manager is not feasible (record deletion is seemingly an irrevocable permission for this level).


It is frequently not the case that the person linking the company is the person who created the record, so they are unlikely to have the correct permissions. We would prefer to achieve the first option but could live with the second. At present the standard user has to request a higher level user make them the record manager every time we run into this problem, which is not ideal.


We're currently running Act! Premium Version, Hot Fix 1.



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Re: Allow standard users to link contacts to company

I'm not sure if there's a better way to bridge that gap (we've had the same permission/role decisions as well), but we've had luck instructing our users to "Create [company/contact] from [contact/company]" function.


This autolinks the two, since the [...] button is disabled for Standard Users.


Hope this helps!