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After re-intsalling ACT 2013 missing old History(emails)

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After re-intsalling ACT 2013 missing old History(emails)

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I re-installed ACT2013,imported bit by bit the addesses,and see that the History Tab, is only showing some emails, I

sent out LAST TWO DAYS ,which are correctly filed under history. I took the old saved (rather big) xxxxxx.pst file in the right


I did sofar:Repaired Office 2013, as I saw some people suggested in old ActCommunity replies. No Result.

I did "check and Repair" , no result.

I have selected "All Dates"   and "All Users"  all is "checked" including the System.

I see,being in Outlook 2013, the six small Icons,under the ADDINS

If I do a " connect older email" in Outlook to ACT (Icon with Clip,attached to) then it is in the history of that client.

Where is the clue ??



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Re: After re-intsalling ACT 2013 missing old History(emails)

Uninstalling and reinstalling Act! should not remove the history for the database. The only reason that the history wouldn't be there would be if when you reinstalled the program, you restored from a backup that had been taken prior to the history getting recorded to the database. 


Did you happen to have a backup that was taken after the history was recorded that you could try to restore a copy of to compare? If so, you can use the Restore As option to restore it. You can find instructions here:



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