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After importing all contacts, existing contacts are tampered with.

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After importing all contacts, existing contacts are tampered with.

I am currently using ACT! 2008 Premium.  My question is after I import all my contacts successfully, existing contacts are tampered with.  For example, after the importing process is done, and all contacts have been entered into ACT, existing contacts' information is either deleted or moved around within other fields.  Basically it moves information or adds information that was not there before.  What may be the reasons why this is causing this to happen?


FYI, I convert excel files into text delimited.  I use the tab option, and all fields are prematched within excel to match with the ACT fields.

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Re: After importing, exisitng contacts are messed up

Hello Ernest,

Welcome to the ACT! Online Community. The only time that existing contacts information would be edited during an import is when those contacts are found to be duplicates of contacts that are being imported in. The type of edit would depend on the contact merge options you selected during the import:


In the Contact Merge Options screen, if you choose:

Replace with source contact data -  this would replace the contents of mapped fields in the ACT! database with the contents of the matching fields from the import file

Merge - this would not replace data, but if a mapped field in the ACT! database is empty, then it would add data from the import file into the corresponding field in ACT!. If the field in ACT! already has data, then it would not edit it.

Replace with newest - for mapped fields, this would use the data with the most recent timestamp, which is more often going to be the import file

Greig Hollister

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