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Advice on What To do With Companies that changed their name?

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Advice on What To do With Companies that changed their name?

Ok, so here is the sitaution and I'd appreciate any advice on what to do:


I have companies that we have not done business with for awhile.

 I made a group list.




I called the first company and they are still around but their company name changed. 

Now, their contact record in ACT! Premium is linked to their peachtree record. I am not going to delete their peachtree record (because you shouldn't since it's only been a year and those records should stay).

SO, I want to create a new company (since their name changed).


The questions is: What do I do with the old contact? Do i keep it in the system? Delete it? Do I attach to the new company as a member? Is there a way to keep it but not include it in mailers.


Any advice on what people do when companies change names and you have their old contact info would be helpful.




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Re: Advice on What To do With Companies that changed their name?


If you would like the data for that old company to be part of the record of the new company, then you can copy it over by looking up the two records, then going to Tools/Copy Contact Data. This will allow you to copy all notes, histories, activities, etc. from the old record to the new record. At the end of this process you will have the option to retain or delete the old record.


In regards to mailings, if you do mail merges by selecting a group or company, then you will need to exclude that old record (assuming you decide to keep it) from the group or company so it does not get included in the merge.

Greig Hollister

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