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Advice on User Restriction Transition

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Advice on User Restriction Transition

We have 3 sales people. At the moment we are changing the way we operate to REGIONS of the USA NE (northeast) SE (southeast) SW (southwest) W (west) MW (midwest) As they are being assigned regions, what is the best way to go about restricting them from seeing the other regions. I'm trying to tackle this in the easiest and most logical way. Thank you, Steve
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Re: Advice on User Restriction Transition

Hi Steve,


You can use Limited Access, which is a feature of the Premium version of ACT!


Limited Access will allow you to assign individual records (contacts, companies, groups, opportunities) to one or more users and teams.


In ACT! you can create a lookup and then from the Contact List tag them right click and choose "Edit Contact Access" and "Create New Access List" where you can pick the users/teams you want to access those contacts.


Existing Companies unfortunately have to be set one at a time, if you're using Company records.  (We have a utility that we sell that lets you set security on an entire lookup of Company records at once.)


Then also you should set your salespeople's computers up so that when they create new contacts, they are automatically set to the right security - for example the contacts that the USA NE person creates you probably only want to be seen by that salesperson, yourself, and any other staff that need that record.  The way you set the defaults for newly created contacts is on the Tools menu in ACT! on the Startup tab, then click "Record Creation Options"


Hope this helps!



Len Kamerman
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