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Advanced search - scratching head!

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Advanced search - scratching head!

I have created the following:


Contacts - Import Field - Contains "value" - or

Contacts - User 13 - Contains "value" - and

Contacts - Company - Does Not Contains "value" - and

Contacts - Company - Contains Data - and

Contacts - DOC - Equals To - False - end


But -- I still get contacts where company is blank - and DOC where it is true.


What is the logic in creating such searches?

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Re: Advanced search - scratching head!

Without parenthesis to show grouping and resolution precedence, what you provided makes no sense. 
Roy Laudenslager
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Re: Advanced search - scratching head!

The "or" that you placed after the first statement means that if Import Field contains the "value", then it won't matter if the rest of the statements are true or not. If you want results where all conditions are met, then you would need to use "and" after the first statement.


If you want to treat the last four statements as one condition, then place an open parentheses before the User 13 statement and a closed parentheses after the DOC statement.

Greig Hollister

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